QC inspection medical industry

Our clients in the medical industry turn to us for their inspection needs, allowing them to maintain their place as leaders in their field. We have worked on a variety of medical devices and parts, which include stents, catheters, syringes, I.V. tubes and their connectors, patterned cutters for soft tissue, and UV fixtures.

quality control inspection aerospace industry

Our inspectors have experience with aerospace parts and the blueprints that detail their design. We have inspected rivets, fasteners, and even cabinet doors for the International Space Station. We interpret blueprints to ASME Y14.5 GD&T standard and record our data on AS9102 forms.

QC inspection in the electronics industry

We have inspected the physical dimensions of circuit boards, the dimensional specs of grommets, have even checked the resistance of soldered chips. Our facility is built to prevent electrostatic discharge and our inspectors are versed in the use of grounding wristbands and insulated smocks to keep samples viable through the inspection process.

quality control inspection auto industry

We can handle parts of a range of tolerances, from the curvature of dashboard paneling to the surface roughness of a piston. We have also served automotive in a reverse engineering capacity, using our laser scanner and other inspection equipment to capture data of components that are no longer being fabricated.

quality control inspection for consumer products

Our clients in the manufacturing industry have sent us a variety of parts. We have checked spacers for hard drives, housing for air conditioning units, rubber membranes for keyboards, and even profiled the edges of artificial nails. Customers turn to us to make sure their products reach the market quickly.

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