What does the reverse engineering process look like?

Fixing things forward with reverse engineering After 25 years in QC inspection, we’ve seen a lot of applicability when it comes to the reverse engineering process. Oftentimes, a request comes in when a client’s old machine finally wears down.  They are unable to replace broken parts because the manufacturer has long gone out of business. [...]

The benefits of working with an ISO 9001 certified company

Uncertainty has been a part of business for as long as people have done business. Even in today’s world of industry standards, not everyone down the chain will work efficiently and uniformly. Take this example: a vendor may be knowledgeable in manufacturing, but their processes are out of date. This causes a delay because it [...]

X-Rays and Measuring: The Industrial CT Scanner

We keep ourselves informed of the Quality industry’s latest and greatest inspection machines and methods here at Advanced Measurement Labs. Here is a write up on one such technology we found, the Industrial CT Scanner – and how we can help you should you need this service: Progress in Prototyping and Design Ensuring that your [...]

In the News: Advanced Measurement Labs Acquires Two CNC Machines

AML’s Inspectors Ready to Put Nikon Assets Through Their Paces Tustin, CA, February 6, 2017 QC INSPECTORS for Advanced Measurement Labs arrived at work with new tools in their repertoire: Two Nikon iNEXIV VMA CMMs. By mid-day, the inspectors have enjoyed the machines’ laser autofocus (using actual lasers) as well as the auto-align mode. One [...]

2 Ways GD&T Helps Your Manufacturing Business (and 1 Way It Won’t)

GD&T reduces the ambiguity of design intent. You’ve just designed a gear, tinkering with tolerances and tweaking leader lines to ensure your blueprint is properly called out. Then you get the prototype and realize that the keyway is in the wrong orientation. But why? 15 degrees is 15 degrees, you think. How could they get [...]

Quality Control Technique: How Acceptance Sampling Can Save You Time

One of the great things about our country’s manufacturing industry has been the ability to churn out--literally--tons of products from die casts, punches and the like. Taking the long view, one can look at our output and marvel… just marvel… Then you realize that you have to check all of those parts. Especially all of [...]

3D Scanner vs CMM

Measuring tools are constantly evolving. Evenly spaced knots on yarn and the vernier scale ruler have given way to camera-based vision machines and profilometers that work at the microscopic level. There are many ways to capture data in the 3D space. Today, we’ll cover two machines that do this at the volumetric level: The 3D [...]

3D Printer promises to change dimensional inspection business

Advanced Measurement Labs Procures AXIOM 3D Printer Tustin, CA, September 20, 2016 – ADVANCED MEASUREMENT LABS in Tustin, California, announces their newest asset: The AXIOM 3D Printer. Created by Southern California-Based Airwolf 3D, AML’s latest acquisition paints a picture of improved capability for the 24-year-old dimensional inspection house. “We see our AXIOM 3D printer as [...]

How to use a digital caliper in dimensional inspection

We have a lot of CMMs in our lab that come with sophisticated software.  This allows us to program and automate the machines for our inspections.  While CMM's have high precision, we still keep a set of traditional metrology tools that we use as secondary verification. These include height gages, micrometers, and drop indicators. The [...]

Tips on outsourcing your QC inspection process

You are developing a project plan for your client and have identified that you need a QC inspection house with a CMM to get your product to market. Or, perhaps, there is a backlog in your client’s QC department and you find yourself, as the manufacturing consultant, in a position of having to outsource the QC inspection process. When […]

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