We approach each reverse engineering job depending on the needs of the client.

We are able to apply our dimensional inspection resources towards Reverse Engineering. Our clients have used our services to rebuild damaged components that are no longer in the market, as well as fabricate older designs without the need of the original blueprint.

reverse engineering services in ca

Examples include:

Our NextEngine and Create Form GoScanner scanner can provide us with point cloud data of the surface of the part. We can then take this to our CAD software to generate a model, or send the data as is.

We can also provide spline data using a series of points. Some clients prefer this over the laser scanner due to its higher accuracy and specific set up involved.

We can determine the pertinent features of any part, and provide accurate dimensions for each aspect of the sample. We can then draft a new blueprint based on this data, as well as provide a 3D Solid Model.

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